Monday, April 18, 2011

Pioneer of Passion: Bill Cunningham

I had never heard the name Bill Cunningham until I looked up a list of current movies this past weekend, and I am sure to never forget it.  After watching just a short clip of the trailer I knew I had to go see this documentary. I smiled during the entire Zeitgeist film as I learned about this amazingly inspirational seeker of beauty & truth. He is a passionate, artistic genius of a human being, taking in every moment of life and photographing the story of NYC street fashion. Bill takes the audience on a journey of his memorable collection of images. Every day (even in a blizzard) the 82-year old marvel gets on his 29th bicycle, camera around his neck and rides alongside fast-moving taxi cabs, determined pedestrians and dainty dogs. He is able to snap a millisecond of time that exists forever on his roll of traditional film negatives. He is constantly working to find the connections between patterns, colors, styles and gestures. His vast knowledge of the fashion world is apparent in his ability to see which trends have been revived from decades or even centuries before. 

Bill discovers pure joy in capturing individual personalities, the more eccentric the better. My favorite “character” in Bill’s life is the 98-year-old, stylish Editta Sherman, a self-proclaimed legend of the photographic world. Editta was a resident of the famed Carnegie Hall for over 60 years, where she captured the dynamic portraits of artists, movie stars and icons of the mid 20th century. Bill surrounds himself with the most interesting and genuine people who feel lucky to be in his presence. When humbly receiving an award in Paris Bill expressed his deep gratitude to his audience and proclaimed, “Those who seek beauty WILL find it.” 

Tip of the Week: Seeing the beauty in this world is a choice, a bold decision to find the things that make life a journey worth traveling. Think of one thing that you are grateful for every morning and it will have a profound effect on your life!

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