Friday, May 6, 2011

Follow Your Botanical Bliss!

My nature-inspired designs and yoga wear have an element of restorative, healing energy and vitality. From sunny daffodils of Spring to enchanting lotus flowers in bloom, my work is intended to bring a little bit of harmony and balance into your everyday life!

Decorations and inspirations for your wardrobe and home! My black and white, pen and ink drawings (all drawn with a tiny .005 micron pen) come to life on each item in this whimsical shop. From shirts to scarves, blossoming botanicals and dreamy daffodils are transformed into wearable works of art. Some of the designs wrap around the body as if adorned with a delicately detailed tattoo. These organic, dreamy patterns and prints transcend the paper and find a new home to incorporate into your life. I create a vivid rainbow of hybrid flowers, taking you on a journey through a world of swirly, feathered petals and my signature striped clouds.

Lady Lotus, the goddess of beauty, fortune and wisdom brings good luck and celebrates the bounty of nature in my work. I often features the glowing Buddha, surrounded by the delicate balance of nature. Each color corresponds to feng shui elements, attracting all good things into your life! Whether it’s love, prosperity, balance or healing there’s something for everyone.

I am inspired by carved marble walls of Indian temples, Indigo Isnic tiles of Turkey, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Rainbow cookies from New York bakeries, camping adventures, getting lost on long walks in the city, yogi tea fortunes and all things creative. In the words of Bill Cunningham, “Those who seek beauty WILL find it”

Silk Scarf on Etsy

What are you inspired by? What's your favorite 80's love song, children's book, and ice cream flavor?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Go "Green" for Mother's Day

 Check out my latest print on the Etsy shop. Add a little splash of Spring to your home or office with this vibrant, floral screen print! This beautiful bouquet of daffodil and hibiscus flowers blossom on intertwining vines of foliage, reaching up through Rochelle's signature striped clouds. The ethereal green sky is symbolic of growth and healing. Green is the feng shui color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Give the gift of Green this Mother's Day!