Monday, November 21, 2011

Deity of Grace

Deity of Grace tells the story of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of spiritual and material wealth and prosperity. She embodies the elements of light, wisdom, fortune, beauty and grace. She is believed to bring good luck and protect her devotees from misery and sorrow. Lakshmi is associated with the lotus as she is the personification of nature, the center of all. The circular composition of this piece emulates the infinite connectedness of all things in nature. The heart-shaped Bodhi tree leaves symbolize the abundance of prosperity. Graceful branches of feathers and hanging pearls represent the ornate adornments of the deity.

This print began as a pencil sketch that was refined and transformed into a pen and ink drawing. This was the first piece that I finished drawing on Bristol board and then cut apart to rearrange the elements. This organic process developed as I began to explore the movement and flow of each composition. Certain forms come forward while others are pushed into the distance, inviting the viewer to look closer and discover something new each time.

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